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Corny Tank Inflator (replace the compressor)

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I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, so if you didn't know or haven't heard of this, well; you have now.  :your welcome 


If you use a corny tank all the time and are doing mobile work on site?  You need to add the Ryobi Fast Inflator to your tool kit.  :trustme   If you remember to hit the corny tanks at the shop on the compressor before you leave you are usually good for the day, and nobody likes carrying around a compressor in the van.  Well get you the fast inflator and a battery and you can recharge the corny on site without the compressor.  It works rather well actually and will get you out of a bind if you need to pressurize your tank. 



Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 9.36.59 AM.png

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:chin Been looking for a small compressor or inflator for my tank. Would like the idea of a small one I can leave attached to the tank cart. Bought a cheap inflator but it takes forever to top off the tank and is too loud to use in residential office spaces.


Don’t mind needing a cord, and would prefer not to have a battery to worry about keeping charged. Feel like someone posted their tank setup awhile back with one, along with inline filter and soap dispenser. @TomTint @MikeMN Maybe :dunno 

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We have a 2 gallon pancake compressor on the van. I don't often need it, we have 4 tanks in the van and they all get filled up every day..On the rare occasion we need to refill one, we just run down to the van and fill it with air. The van has a converter in it for 110 power. 

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