Need advice on few questions(newbee)

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Hi all

 I just started doing tinting, have done around 20 cars in last 3 months and I ouse Suntek carbon for starting as I am doing it really cheap(as a beginner)and people keep asking for discounts. 

1. How to get even dot matrix after applying the tint, some places it’s silver and some places it sticks to the glass between dot matrix and look black.(I use blue max)


2. How to get to tight spots behind break light, I did Kia cerato the other day and it’s only like 3/4” gap between the glass and the deck. I didn’t cut out the film behind light and being lucky enough got a tiny bubble kept coming up on the edge near dot matrix, I kept trying with titan squeegee and heating glass from outside. Finally got it nearly fixed 99%. But after a lot of efforts and help from a spotter lol.


3. While doing centre window I normally keep extra film all around and heat shrink and then cut the final size with knife just in case if I burn any film while shrinking. But I noticed if I don’t cut all the window in one cut, wherever I start another cut a bubble on dot matrix appears like the one I mentioned above. Am I doing it wrong? Or should I cut the film to size and then heat shrink it. Could that start of cut be the reason for the bubbles near edge(I don’t have a plotter).


Thanks for even reading it till the end. Any advice will be much appreciated.



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But I would add for #3 that it could be helpful to “wet check” the film before installing. Which basically just means after shrink/trimming pull back the film, wet the glass and anchor the piece like you would install it. Any areas that were not sufficiently shrunk will show themselves. :twocents 



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i agree on the bulldozer. Also, the softness of the rubber on the end of the bulldozer pushes the film between the raised dot matrix dots a little better than a harder squeegee, or wrap a paper towel around a hard card and squeegee it so you get down between the dots good and dry it good.

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