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18 hours ago, pbalentine said:

I had the perimeter perfect. Traced with dry erase marker and trimmed 1/8” around it. Problem was that weird defroster tab with 2 wires on the side. I tried doing full coverage by doing 2 small slits, since the wires would not detach.

I did a Miata that sounds similar to that. I had to cut the defroster on the outside, then thread the wires through the precut holes in the film. The wires were soldered to the glass and then plugged in under a loop of material on the top . It came out fine. I didn’t bother taking any pics of the rear glass. I never do. But if they’re giving you issues, just bid them really high. If the custy goes for it, you’ll get your moneys worth. If they don’t, at least they won’t feel you’re inexperienced. Just a thought. 


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Edited because I needed to edit. That’s why I edited it. I would like to thank everyone that took the time to read my reason for editing. Wolf out.

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