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Flexible yet hard squeegee suggestions

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I'm using xpel film with super tacky adhesive, which I have grown to love as I've had zero problems with warranties and lifting, but I'm looking for a squeegee that can really drive out moisture. The only squegees that have been working well for me is the red baron and blue max without a handle. Only problem I'm having is that the red baron has almost no flex and the blue max hurts my wrist and is somewhat directional. Do you guys know of any squeegees with the power of the red baron but the flexibility of the thinner blue max, or a way to "break in" the red baron?

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 I like to use the Green Turbo squeegee.  I buy in a 18" length and cut to fit my application needs.  I also will use the softer yellow turbo squeegee as well.  I also buy it in a 18" length and cut it down.  From time to time I will also use a Pink clean if I need a really flexible squeegee.  

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