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Tint Tek 2020

Tint Tek 2020
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ISO plotter

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Hello I am new to tinting and want to take a plunge into a plotter so I can quit taking so long to hand cut film and waste so much film. I am wanting to buy one that some one want to upgrade and just ready to dump theres. A little back ground my dad and I own a body shop in Columbia NC and its very small town and there is no one around to do window tint for 30 to 50 miles. So I picked it up as a way to fix the issue I was having of sending customers cars out without tint on a window that I replaced and making the customer deal with it. But I am no professional and I think a plotter will hone my skills I can do trucks and suvs perfect if I take the panel off cars are always giving me fits and I think its because I cut my patterns to big so again a plotter should help with that and time. Thanks in advance. 

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