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RG-Handy film rewinder for sale

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Film rewinder for sale: £100 (excl delivery)

The perfect tool for distributors of self-adhesive vinyl films or window film rolls. An easy tool to rewind a few metres by hand. Heavy, very strong construction, with smooth bearings and metal rollers for continuous use.
Includes: Length counter, heavy steal frame
Dimensions: width 1640mm
depth 240mm
height 100mm
Weight: 19kg
Price excludes postage or delivery.
(Original price 400 euros)





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We bought a slitter a couple years ago, it also rolls down film rolls...very very handy thing to have. 

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I'll have a look and get back to you. If you have a courier company you're using and would like to check your end it would be sent from SW11 4SF.

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