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Clearest 70-80% Tint for Windshield?

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Which films on the market have the best clarity to apply to the windshield for IR protection? Im looking for something in the 70%-80% variety. Obviously 90% is going to be the most clear but from what ive read..its really not worth the money over a 70-80% film. 


Im currently leaning towards Llumar Air Blue 80. Thats what most available near me. Just worried about the blue and the reports of low angle haze and of course light scattering at night. How does it compare to 3M Crystalline 70 in clarity?



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7 hours ago, no ma'am said:

air 80 looks/works great. Don't remove inspection/registration with a razor blade and you'll be happy. 

Pretty good clarity with not too much graininess or haze?

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What the difference in color/look between Llumar Air 80 and 3M Crystalline 70? The Crystalline looks more blue than the Air 80 but some people say the Crystalline is more charcoal and the Air 80 is more blue. I also understand that the Crystalline is not ceramic?

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