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3M S1400 with or without protection attachment

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Hi Have receive quote for 3m And solargard film for sliding door and windows for my home. Ofcourse solar gard is cheaper but would like to know which film is better to install.

  • Sliding door. They will install Ultra S1400 with 3M impact protection attachment.
  • Windows : 2 panels of 5' height x 2.5' Width . 3m Ultra S800.  or solargard 8 Mil. Protection attachment cannot be installed on windows. 



So my questions are

- which one is better 3m of solargard

- for the slider will utra S1400 cause any distortion in the view? Will it work to slow down the  breakin? Is it worth it?

- For the windows as there is no attachment system possible Will it work to slow down the  breakin? Is it worth it?


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Security Film without attachment is virtually use less. .. And yes, the 14 mil 3M will be distorted. ... very distorted. 

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12 hours ago, mumbhai said:


  There are numerous different peel and stick type attachment systems as well as screw down ( more commercial orientated systems). However.. With a sliding door, it's likely any such attachment will interfear with the ability of the operable pane to clear the stationary one. 

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2 minutes ago, mumbhai said:

Will a laminate glass work for windows. Is it strong enough to work as a deterant


If you have insulated glass in your slider, and both pieces are laminated, that is significantly stronger than adding film and any attachment. Current building code for coastal areas is now requiring just that. Laminated glass. So hypothetically, you would have laminated outsid, the expansion joint bonding the exterior pane to another laminated interior pane.... nothing is a better option. .. as strong as it can get right there..and no distortion. 

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