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Vaejovis Carolinanus

Ceramic coating for glossy wrap

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I have cquarts skin coating that I am going to be applying to my wrap. The coating instructions are to remove the grease and oil from the wrap before applying. Is there any problem with GYEON q2m prep ? Or do you have any suggestions on what to use that would help it to adhere and not damage the vinyl?

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Always test a coating on a small section thats easy to replace first.


I use a Gyeon 6monthly coating (think its called cancoat). I only use it on my cars and when customers want a coating i usually send them to the detailing pro's that use a Willams coating. I did have a customer that took it to another place that their coating f@#ked the wrap. Why the coating place didnt test it on a section first is beyond me. 


With coatings on wraps it comes down to technique more then anything. If you dont know how to professionally install a coating then i wouldnt bother. If its not applied properly it will streak and then once it hardens its too late.

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