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Guest Tint 999

Dry adhesive films on tempered glass

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Guest Tint 999

Hi Guest reaper,

I believe it is a potential issue, as in my experience the rough side can vary quite a bit. In some cases, the usual wet blade carefully may be ok upon removing, but if you scratch it...its scratched. This potential then could be that you are asked to replace the unit, and then the cost climbs steeply obviously if access to the units from outside requires extra equipment and labor.

Just trying to be pro-active is all. In my area, suitable dry adhesive dual reflective films for I.G. units are the norm, and a P.S. alternative in a decent range is not readily available if it was to be considered a more practical option for this issue.

I wonder if soaking as you mentioned, but overnight by sealing the window with painters drop sheet and masking tape to stop evaporation and then trying steaming might work...a lot of extra work, but if it means repeat business and no blade on the rough side it would be a win.

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Guest Tint 999

Hi Roach,

Thanks and yes, agreed. Many Tinters will just go ahead and white scour rough side and fit film.....I am not so ready do this, and certainly not without explaining future potential issues so the customer is informed prior to installation should they still want to take on the risks. Still not an ideal situation though...and the way I see it, it is going to limit the opportunities in my area in the future to provide the best product for the jobs at hand where any possible external option can run into the same problem.

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