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Porsche hood emblem and parking sensor cut out

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I see some installers leave Porsche hood emblem and wrap the hood. 

Not sure if they cut out the emblem (thin hood emblem not the thick ones) later on.

I always remove the emblems before install and put it back with 3m double tapes (if they are not speed nut type).

But I see some installer leave the emblems and do the install. Is this something most installer do? 

For Corvette C7 Grand sport, there are decals on both front fenders from factory, I remove them and wrap the fenders then put brand new decals back.

I see some of them just wrap the fenders without removing the decals.

Is this how most of you do? I'm sure there will be some air pocket/gap around decals.

Or do they relieve cut around decals to prevent getting air gap?


Also, some installer leave Parking sensor PDC covered with PPF. Doesn't it also leave some air gap around the sensors? 

I always cut out the sensors but not as perfect as precut cut out. I have pdc sensor cut out die but just curious how others do? any suggestions or tips?



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each to his own, if you are not comfortable to remove a badge than don`t , i do not refer to you , but in general.


each case with badges is different , you can strip the whole car if your time is payed and you have the knowledge to do it.

with decals , if are provided the replacement than why not put a new one , if not just leave the car in original state , some owners prefer to have all original, plus you have to take in account the surprise element once you take something apart.


i pre-cut bumpers and no need to cut the sensors, but i did cut out a few. i bulk hoods , so mostly i remove badges where possible. youtube university teach you all :) i do not remove any decals , i do wrap on top of it , i do multiple passes with the squeegee , on some occasions   i may use alcohol or steam to force the bond tighter to the edge of the decals.

do your best , chase perfection if you have time , but keep in mind it will always be someone who will object , or not like your work.







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