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Jeep Grand Cherokee water spot lines

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Tinted a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2 wks ago. Forgot which year probably 2013-2015. Customer came back and showed me his door windows and and rear side on trunk. They all look like snake water spot line. First time I ve seen it. Any ideas? Rear hatch  is ok.  I doubt it s a glass defect. On the rear side trunk where tint only go to the matrix line. But those water spot line runs all the way outside the matrix line too.  So I m gonna remove one window s film and re-do just one see what happens by next wk. 

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I removed the tint off the rear door window which has factory tint and also the front passenger side. And the window windows have those water stain lines. I called ask one my glass guy. He said it water stain. I was pretty sure it s the glass. Not the tint. Here some of the pics8AB7C108-D381-46CF-AEFE-3BD351F939F1.jpeg.acba7b589d7a136cb47a40cf6582c98c.jpeg8AB7C108-D381-46CF-AEFE-3BD351F939F1.jpeg.acba7b589d7a136cb47a40cf6582c98c.jpeg 


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