Llumar CTX vs Autobahn i3

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Good afternoon!


I am planning on having my RS3 (Glacier White with black interior) tinted and had a question regarding one tint in particular... the Autobahn i3. I've previously had other cars tinted with Llumar F1 Pinnacle. However, the shop I'm planning on going to does not stock it.


The shop I plan on going with has Llumar CTX (which I hear is first gen Pinnacle) and Huper Optik/Autobahn i3. I was wondering if anyone had any particular preference? I haven't seen anything substantial regarding the Autobahn i3 (which has a dye layer mixed in with ceramic) on Google or TintDude. But have heard good things about Huper Ceramic. I also trust Llumar so I'm not particularly concerned about the CTX if it's Pinnacle-esque.


I'm planning on tinting CTX 35% or i3 33% (maybe 40)?


Appreciate anyone's input. Thanks!


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Very one sided reply here because we are a LLumar shop and do not have any experience with Autobahn or Huper Optik.


We stock CTX and the customers that have chosen it have been pleased with its heat rejection performance.


LLumar did just introduce a new line that has higher IR rejection numbers called IRX, maybe that would be something to look into.

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I’ve used both products. If you want the best with the highest heat rejection use i3

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