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We at Oz Window Films would like to introduce ourselves,


Oz Window films is the distributor with the desire to help improve this industry.  The staff at Oz Window Films have over 35 years of experience, allowing us to provide technical support, trade tips as well as product information


Oz Window Films is the Authorized Global Window Film Distributor serving the Australian States and Territories of Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia as well as New Zealand.

We also offer a large range of film under our OZ Window Film brand, available in all states and territories. 


Our IR XTREME Window film offers unrivaled colour, handling characteristics, superior optical clarity and most important to the Australian market, Xtreme performance (92% IR@1025nm and 59% TSER in the 40% VLT); making it one of the best performing films on the market. All backed by a nation wide limited lifetime warranty.


Oz window Films stock a huge range of sales tools and marketing material including heat lamps as well as other products only available through Oz Window Films to help you grow your business. For more information please feel free to contact us as well as give us a follow on social media at the links below.





ozwf logo.jpg

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