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2019 genesis G90

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Back window went ok, you can only remove the center headrest. You don't have to remove any rear brake light

The 4drs are screwed. theres a hydrophobic coating on the glass and makes it an impossible install if your 2 steping the windows.

Also the rear doors are like the bmw 7 series the bad ones to tint.

The doors panels have to be removed because you cannot heat the glass up and pound out an creases you may have due to all the glass is laminated.

Bringing car back to dealership and see what plan b is. Theres no way im pulling those door panels off the car. Probably 6k per panel.

This car is now on my list of cars to never touch. Unless the dealer ship removes and reinstalls all door panels before and after installation.

What a money losing day this turned out to be.

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