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renault espace

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ive done a few renaults . but not enough to rem the names . if you can get a pic I maybe able to help ya . if not im sure someone else can. but I dont rem ever having much trouble with any of em

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:thumb I've done 2 of them 1 really old one really new but both were easy, I use two widths of film 20" and 40" usually use 20 for the sides and 40 for the rear window but after quoting for the job realised that the side windows are 22" inch ( if you take into account dropping some tint below the top of the panel), so remember that. in the end I used my 40" film and cut a lot of, bit of a waste but no choice.

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rear screen install - bit tricky as it curves a bit and is slightly deep at the sides

need to remove trim

a second pair of hands helped me

takes a bit of shrink but nothing too bad

quarter on back door is no problem, has a matrix all round

all around the 24" width for making templates/shrinking

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