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Appointments after hours

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I use to do lots of measure and quotes for domestic situations after hours back in the early 80's. Husband and wife together.

Nowadays I never venture out at night and try to do the measure over the phone when the enquiry comes in during the day.

Anyone notice the trend in flat glass going that way these days?

The old system had both decision makers present and they could look at the samples after the quote and feel sorry for you coming out in the cold to their abode and make a hopefully favourable decision.

Today the cost of physically doing that with your time, petrol, wear and tear on the car, price shopping hizzos who only want a chat to keep them company etc. have made it less attractive for me. Do you feel the same?


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Guest pmuzik

I try to do small jobs over the phone and via mail or make arrangements to stop by when I'm in the area. I will go after hours if it's a larger job though, would rather not but thats life when you have your own business :evileye

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