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viper 550 ESP problem!

Guest davain

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Guest davain

ok its a viper 550 esp...

main problem is I can arm/disarm the door locks/unlocks, the lights flash, the LED is totally dark and the alarm does not chirp...

I can arm the alarm, manually unlock the door, and open it and the alarm will not sound and lights will not flash...

the alarm was installed on a 2000 hyundai accent...

any help would be great

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Guest davain

nope not valet mode... the LED is not on at all...

after I did transmission work to the car I parked it back in the parking lot and the LED was solid red like valet mode so I tried what you just said but no differance... I thought maybe the speaker was disconnected so I tried panic mode and the alarm sounded but I still had symptoms like stated in the first post...

any other suggestions? I have to give the car back to the customer by friday night so I'm in a bit of a jam

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