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Marine's Wife Guilty In Plan To K1ll Him

Associated Press

June 22, 2004

PHOENIX - A Marine's wife pleaded guilty Monday to conspiring to have him killed by a fellow Marine while he was stationed in Kuwait.

Wendy Glass, 34, of Yuma, Ariz., admitted in federal court to having an affair with the other Marine, and said they conspired to K1ll her husband, James Glass.

James Glass and Larry Framness were deployed from Marine Corps Air Station-Yuma to a Kuwaiti air base in early 2003. Framness tried to K1ll Glass with a grenade after luring him to a guard shack, prosecutors said.

Glass was injured but survived.

Framness pleaded guilty in February in military court to charges that included attempted murd3r and adultery. He is serving a life sentence.

Because Wendy Glass cooperated in the prosecution of Framness, her prosecutors have recommended a sentence of a little more than eight years. Sentencing was scheduled Sept. 13.

This kind of shiot really pisses me off. Just get a damned divorce, but this greedy @#$% wanted the money. Makes me sick!

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