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Web-based tint display


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I had an idea and wondered if anyone else has seen anything like this. I have seen a couple sites in the past where you can pick the car you have, then click the rims you want, and it lays them on the vehicle so you can see what they look like on the car.

Anyone seen anything like this for window tint? Seems like it would be alot of work for little return, but a neat idea to give a little WOW effect to your customers that want to see "what would mirror or smoke look like on my car?" :spank

just a passing thought.....

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Well I landed a deal with a friend. I will have a walk around demo on a car with ability to change films to see what their car would look like with different films. Also planning a walk through 360 of the store. It going to be their graduation graphics design project, so it's will cost me nothing. Already shown me flash and animations showing they can handle it 100% and actually pretty quick. But that won't be started on for 6 weeks :lol Until then I am working on finishing my part of the site up. Anybody seen any sites lately that have a cool design? I got my contact form loaded and working on looks at this minute. Got any constructive criticism?

It has to be small in size to load quick for dial-up users to contact me easy


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