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Guest crewdog10

I bought a dizzzzope scale a few weeks ago for $60. It even came with a 30 year warranty and can weigh up to 75lbs. I can track the length of tint with an accuracy of + or - 3 inches. Just weigh the roll when you first get it, divide by the length by 100 to find gr per foot. Then divide the total grams of the remaining roll by the gr. per foot and you have the remaining amount. Don't forget to subtact the tube from the total weight, roughly 495 gr. :lol

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Guest Radman

I take a full roll, subtract the actuall inches pulled divide by 12 and you get feet pulled subtract that from 100 and whalla you have a remander. also by doing this you can track whats being wasted at a job site and have better numbers end of month, seems to work great. I find im about 5 to 12 inches off at end of roll. and I always mark the box whats left and the date. just thought id throw that out there. :hmmm

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