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Tinting Dox Matrix Rear Windows

Guest bruce

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Guest thetintshop


WARNING: Product contains chemical(s) reported by the State of California to cause birth defects or reproductive harm.

CAUTION: Magoops? may react adversely to certain plastics and rubber. Do not use on soft rubber surrounding windows. Test in an inconspicuous area.

no thanks. I'll stick to my vinyl. it looks good, doesn't cost nowhere near as much as this stuff, and won't shrink my balls into marbles. :thumb

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Guest thetintshop

that's what I was thinking.

Magoops? ... costs less than vinyl.

:thumb I can buy 50 yards of oracal 851 2ml for the same price. and do a LOT more cars with it. don't know exactly where they're getting the info to make this claim.

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Guest metint

A certain film maker I know very well looked into converting their PS adhesive into gel form years ago for this very purpose. It was back when elmer's was up and coming as the dot matrix solution. I had recommended the idea so that the 'filler goo' installer's used would be compatible to the existing adhesive on the film. It was summarily shot down primarily due to the serious health risks PS adhesives pose in raw form prior to curing, which occurs during the coating process in production.

When PS adhesive is coated to film it must cure to the state an installer finds it in when pulling away the liner. There are solvents that leave the chemical mix during this 'production' curing time. Kind of like a silicone sealant that isn't neutral cure will give off caustic vapors. The caustic vapors are serious enough to corrode the metal in window film when a standard cure sealant is used to seal the edges.

MSDS should be standard offering as a downloadable item from this site.

Buyer beware. This stuff could be a serious health watch, long-term, if it is a gel form of PS adhesive. :thumb

A strip of vinyl cost pennies in comparison. :thumb

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"WINDOW TINTING FILM: Peel film back to expose the dot matrix, and squirt a bead of Magoops? across the dots. Use a squeegee to smooth it out and work bead upward in a horizontal motion."

where I come from up means vertical.

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