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Customer comes in

tint bandit

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Guest thabest

well my first impulse would be to ask him for a littlebit of insight on his expectations or even if he had previous details done and see what his response to

there work was ya know likes and dislikes and go from there and do it in a matter that it seems to be in his best favor

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SandS wins first prize :lol:spit:lol Just kidding but right ..ask customer if car is outside ...do walk around and notice any damage at this time as well as what needs to be done.... if phone ...ask year.. make... leather... cloth.".Kids ...very important question"If they say 2 or 3 you are going to have a nasty vehicle :lol Did they buy new or used...the reason for this..... if bought used ,some hack shop might have dyed over all the nasty dirt in the carpet and if this is true you have your work cut out for you..... is it garage kept or outside...if car is 5 years or older they must bring in for estimate period... :lol I dont know that giving a price over the phone is right or wrong"5 years or newer" but the main point is getting them in so I have a price plus a 25 dollar add on for xtra dirty so I give the price of average and xtra dirty "xample Mr or Mrs the price is between 125.00 and 250.00 :rollin just kidding 150.00 and once we see the vehicle we can determine the xact cost,just to be fair for the both of us :lol so your safe when they show up :lol

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Most customers will relay there disappointments in there car care xperience without you saying a word,so if you have high standards that point is mute...they should tell you during the interview what they are looking for so,... :rollin . keep asking questions and listen very carefully :lol Never say we cant....but we will do our best, no matter how trivial : :spit

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