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04 Tahoe rearview mirror


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Done plenty trucks and SUV,s but havent put any winshield strips on these, any tips on rearview mirror removal on these that have lights and compass in the mirror? Looks straight forward, just dont want to fugg sumptin up! :bingo

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Nothing to them. Just a tip I always stress when disconnecting anything, make sure key is off beforehand. That way it doesn't scare the BCM or IPC into thinking something went wrong and store a code or something. Plus if you turn key off and then disconnect, it will be less likely that it will clear and have to be re-calibrated. :bingo

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Guest learner

I used to like doing the visors. Now I hate them they are a P.I.T.A. and not worth the money for them. I am thinking of going to $35 for them. Maybe then I wont have to do as many, But hell most want you to throw it in for free because it is just a scrap piece and it only take about 5 minutes to do. I tell them to get after it when I hear that crap!!!!!!

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