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I was curious who knew of a good business card software I could use to make my own cards. I typically have designed and brought my logos and had the printers set it. Now with the oncoming of full color printing so easy, I can make them myself and take to a printer friend of mine and have he reproduce just what I made as I made it.

Anyone got any suggestions? I saw a couple nice cards done up on a post a few days ago. By Eclipse Window Tint. What program was that? :jerkit

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use the local print shop...the $45 you spend in your community will pay a return plus you will get the print shops business if you do signs and banners.

Thanks S&S I will check them out

MM I am a big supporter of local shops. But when the savings is 70% or more on several hundred dollars, I have to look at other avenues. I typically try to barter work whenever I can, and have for printing several times in the past. Same quality, close pricing, always shop local :evilgrin

The local money you spend almost ALWAYS comes back to you in word of mouth, references, and just being seen.

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