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just a bit of back ground... been with a company for 8 years... always done the right thing... in the back of my mind I always wanted to do my own thing, but the pay was good and to be honest I'v always been well looked after...so I stayed...now this is a franchise company that devil with a bad attitude will be familiar with..TAC. I ran one of their shops for 2 years. 4 months ago was asked if I wanted to start my own franchise. now I know that I have to take the good with the bad having a franchise,but basically they are setting me up from scrach..I'm getting heaps of support and getting lots of dealer work....

what your experience with franchises? the good and the bad...

the industry is pretty tough down under.. I'v also had lots of friends that have open their own shops and always end up coming back, any advice is welcome...

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I know guys who have opted out of franchise stores because they have been tired of being screwed over by those pushing the pens at head office whilst they do the slog work. Royalties are killing them too and hard to pay back when times like now are so competitive.

Franchising means that you are never free of the shackles that truely burden you to them. You can pay over the top for film that is sold to your competitors cheaper under another name and anything else they tie you legally to.

Franchising doesn't necessarily mean guaranteed income as price fixing is illegal so it only takes one maverick to hizzo out the concept if he finds things are getting a bit tough and he ain't providing food on the table.

The image however is good if you like that sort of ego trip but is it really yours at the end? I wouldn't do it personally and I'm too moral to exploit my brethren tinters. An old adage is be a master of your own destiny, not a pawn.

Devil :beer

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Dont know about your area, but my locale is known for having bad shops. Franchise or private owned. I have been offered to buy in or buy out several other shops and refused. You can only build a name for yourself around here. But franchises can be a very good thing if the rest of the locations are team players as well.

Good luck

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the thing that really made up my mind was the fact that I was going to get lots of support from head office. I'v got people chasing dealerships. devil will know how big our network is... bassically our group between retail and trade do probably 70 to 80 % of the market. just want a bite of that pie :beer

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Gee those figures might be what a head office selling a franchise would want you to believe Doc.

There are some serious punters out there doing massive numbers too. The collective independants not associated with groups would put a massive hole in those percentages.

I wish you all the best with your new venture but keep in mind a few changes happening now.

1. Dealers will be doing it all in house using their own trained tinters. Whether they poach them or self-train them it doesn't matter but this will impact on sales.

2. Film distributors are also targetting film in bulk to the car yards putting them in a position to create sales they may never had access to when someone else was in there doing the whole thing previously.

3. In Sydney, the Sentry Group is owned by the Politees family and they are a huge multi-franchised car dealership taking away huge long established tint shops originally doing their installs. Can you only imagine the number crunching? They are now tinters underwritten by their own insurance companies.

4. Some film distributors are going with their own "superstores" to the retail sector. :beer Isn't that at odds with our own markets?

5. More glass will come dark factory tinted..eg. Toyota Kluger negating the need to tint vehicles.

There's probably more but I'd have to give it a bit more consideration.


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thanks for the insight devil...

I agree with the fact that theres alot of competition...but between ming and TAC we got a lot of dealerships... and a huge network of reps in dealerships. probably the only othe company doing anything similar would be wyns. but not even close... and then you add all of our franchised stores and I do rekon we got about 70 to 80 % of the market.... now that cars.... very soon were gona get a chunk of the flat glass market... anyway thanks devil for you insight..... :rollin

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