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Manufacturer becomes direct competitor

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Don't know how you guys feel about it but here in Sydney, a huge job has been snatched from a fellow tinter who created the lead, involved a film manufacturer for technical help (they'd only do that if they were told of the client's identity and signed a confidentiality letter in good faith :beer ) and then screwed over the guy by doing it themselves behind his back.:beer

The kicker is that the labour component never even went to the tint instigator... they palmed that off to another of his competitors so the poor guy got nothing.

Doesn't that suck big time? That's disgusting! :beer

Manufacturers should make...... we sell and install it. Simple basics! The 2 should never cross over IMO.


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If you could mention the name of the manufacturer, then we could all quit using that brand :beer

Seriously, that does suck. I put some door knob hangers on some homes recently, and a woman called about one of our services on a Saturday. When I called back Monday, she said she found someone else. :beer

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