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picking an accountant


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I have done my own paperwork, taxes, managing and everything all my pro life. I am seriously considering hiring an accountant to handle monthly tax, papers and such. Anyone else do this? Experiences and going rates? :beer

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Guest pmuzik

do what they do to us Tell them the guy down the street will do it for $89.99 :lol There are almost as many accountants out there as lawyers the difference is there are some good accountants :lol

J/K rich, ask questions and find out what they are gonna do for you, a good accountant is worth what you pay him. Ask around some business aquaintences you have, if they do a good job for them I would start there and keep looking till you find one your comfortable with.

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Good one is worth every penny. :rollin

thanks guys. That's about what Ihad in mind. Asking around. I know they are well worth their money. Even just the paperwork I get sick of is worth it to me. Plus I have someone that can asnwer financial and legal questions from time to time and free up my lawyers phone line :spit

thanks again

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hey rich, I've always used an accountant and she charges us $65/month. plus, she's creative :lol

Not a bad price at all. I am going to shop around this week. Not price shop, but you know... Much like a good attorney I needed in my younger years, :lol I feel an accountant can be equally as important now in my calm life. :lol

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