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How many tintjobs? (DMC)


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I ended up with 96 this month :lol thats just little ol`me.

I am curious to see how many jobs you guys put out with the big shops and with multiple tinters :lol

when I was at ALTA MERE we did 360 in a month that was with 3 guys though. :lol you could imagine how most of those looked :hmmm

the most I have done myself in a month was 125 last year :lol

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Guest crewdog10

I only tint on the weekends, and only do 1 car per day. Avgerage time is about 5 hours per car. I know that sounds slow, but with my current shop setup it's hard to be mobile. After I renovate my garage I'll start scheduling 3-4 per weekend, so that will put me somewhere between 12-16. :lol

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