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had a old timer tell me the other day that the car we were tinting for him was his 5th car he had done here since 89. we have ALOT of customers like that :spit we have a really strong customer base at this shop. I hear customers make the comment all the time that they wont take their car any place else. we have a svit load of customers that stay loyal to this place when it comes to window tint.

heard a young kid the other day say his buddy got his truck tinted here and he really liked it because of how the tint went all the way to the top of the glass :mad they tell their freinds and they tell their friends and before too long your tinting all their cars and trucks :lol

being up front and hearing comments like this from customers makes me feel damn good :lol when you usually in the shop slaving away. when I hear customers comments like this it makes my whole day. you realize then how important it is to have a good customer base and keep them happy and they will tell everybody.

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I see that you understand what customer service is all about. Sometimes employees just don?t get it, customer service, until it is too late to fix the problem then all of the employees suffer.

I am an old Fa*t but I have come to realize that the current crop of young business owners really do live and breath customer service. In a small shop type environment it is crucial for all employees to practice quality customer service. I have had a lot of positive experiences lately in dealing with internet purchases from small niche companies. It sounds like your shop treats the customer right and keeps them coming back for additional work.

True there are some customers that you will never be able to please and they are a challenge. I wish I could walk away from some of my internal customers but I can't as I manage a corporate service that all employees use.

Nice post I enjoyed reading it as I get the same feeling myself almost every day.

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Guest thetintshop

I normally see repeat customers all the time. usually makes up about 75% of my work. but for some reason, lately I've been getting alot of new people. I don't think I had but maybe 3-4 repeats all last month.

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Guest High Octane Tinting

This is what so many shops don't understand, they dont understand that by doing crappy work on one vehicle it can effect 100 jobs. I love customers to reccomend my shop but I've always heard "Do good for a customer, they tell A frined, do bad, they tell ALL their friends. Glad to hear its going good Mdog.

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Guest Eclipse

Before I moved in to our new location about a year ago, it seemed that all my work was mostly repeat customers. Very large base to work from. In this new location I see new faces everyday. Most of them are referrals from satisfied customers. It is very important to have good customer service. Word of mouth can make or break a shop these days. :spit

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Guest S and S
:spit OK!! It does feel good to get them..a lot of times you might not know if they liked your work. so when they come back later for when they trade cars..I like that.. :lol
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Guest thetintshop
Then you get the one jackass that's been coming to you for years, then decides to save 20 bucks and try someone else. :spit Can ya tell I've had bottom of the barrel customers this week? :mad

same thing here OT. I just had a guy call wanting his truck tinted that I've done several vehicles for in the past. he says "last time it was $XX.XX, is still the same?" :lol (that was almost 2 years ago, what do you think? :lol )

I told him the price, which is only $10 higher than the last time, and he said "oh, well, I'll let you know". :lol

you have to be shiatting me. there's NOTHING in this world that has the same price tag it did 2 years ago. people are freakin insane. (see my new sig line)

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