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Looking for tire dressing.

Guest RonLewis89@msn.com

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says you have ten years detailing experience. How come you dont know where to find dressing?

Tell all your distributors that you want samples of all the dressings and pick the one you like. The biggest difference is the amount of silicone content and whether they use a chemical to make them dry faster. More silicone content= more money.

You shouldnt need to mail order dressing.

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Guest RonLewis89

I have checked with all of my distributors and can't come up with it. I seen it at a car show one time and couldn't find anyone to ask. The Meguiars dressing is the closest I could find, but It's not the one I seen. Personally I don't like that kind of shine, but we have to keep the managers happy.

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Long lasting...petro based ...also bad for tire in long run...Waterbased rubber cleaner/protectant or protectant is what we use for retail...Petro based for dealers...Ill take some pics tomorrow of the 3 we use and show the differance in sheen ...shine...or gloss :thumb

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Go to a tire manufacturer's web site and read about what a tire's components are and what the differant chemicals do over time . Consumers just dont know...my personal vehicles get waterbased rubber protectant only!I sent some to Skittles15 for his dads truck..he should be able to give some consumer feed back if he reads this thread :thumb

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