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SOLD my 01 Astro

Guest Olfablade

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That's not bad. That's about what 'vettes and MB's are running. They are pretty close to an Astro right? :bling

Seriously I would like to have a newer work van. Just can't justify the cost right now. Soon though..

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Guest tintslut

damn,,,, Im looking to trade. Gm is offering 5000 cash back on astro's if you are a current GM owner. this is on top of any discounts from the msrp.

On a $30000 Astro AWD, price before taxes and tags would be around 23k.

Tahoes and Suburbans are $7000 cash back :rollin

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Guest Sprinter

I paid off my 98 ford E-150 van and gave myself a 322.17 raise per month also and while I was at it paid off my wifes 96 blazer and am pocketing another 386.50 it feels so good not to have a car payment!!!!!

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