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Need tint Pro in San Jose Area, CA

Guest teKillah

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Guest teKillah

Hi there !

I found out this forum thru a friend of mine. I am looking to get 3 of my rear windows tinted. Could you folks kindly suggest a good place and the brand of film which is good. Whats are the prices like ? I own a civic.

I did find some shops but I wanted a good refferal so that I could go to someone trustworthy instead of staring at bubbles in a years time.

Many thanks and am sorry if its the wrong forum !

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Guest Litespeeds

I am pretty close by to San Jose. Just take 880 North and exit on Auto Mall Parkway in Fremont. We will be more than happy to take care of you. We service a few Honda Dealers in the Bay Area so if you need any references, please ask.

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I got a ? for ya Lite. I was looking at your website and noticed some cars with 3 or 4 different shades and a couple with different brands. What's that for?

And how do you like the Huper-Optik? I have been looking to add a new line, but I know better then to post a topic "Which film is best?" :evileye

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