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Dear Professional tinters:

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Hi! Professional tinters.

I am not a tinter, but an owner of Black Acura TL.

My car has Suntek HP 50. It doesn't look like a nice tint because

all around car are JUST Black.

However when I visited LA in the last week,

I saw many cars like BMW. MB.... which have a nice tint.

It wasn't black tint. they did look like much slight green-tint.

I am not sure they have Huper, LLumar or Suntek......

Could you please recommend tint for Black car?

I need 50% or 65% tint because I will move into Calif.

Thank you for your inputs.

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Guest Litespeeds

From what I can gather reading your post, you are saying that you do not like the look of the Suntek HP Charcoal 50% throughout your vehicle because you think it looks too BLACK? You are looking for something that has a little more green in it?

The factory glass on most vehicles nowadays has a slight greenish hue and if you put any type of 50% shade on the glass, it will keep a greenish hue to it. We have used Suntek HP Charcoal 50% on quite a few cars and never has it looked BLACK to me. :evileye

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I am thinking this guy says everybody where he lives has black cheep tint. and what he wants is a high performance film :shock mabey charcoal metalized film, that looks kinda greenish :rollin

here is a TSX with llumar ATR charcoal on it, it kinda has a green hue to it :lol6

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