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window film just went obsolete

Guest thetintshop

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Guest thetintshop

:lol:lol what would you do if window film becomes obsolete tomorrow?


in other words, what else do you do well enough to get a check for it? what's your fall back?

I do enough here that I could still run my business without the tinting. might think about changing the name though. :lol

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Guest Eclipse

In my other life I edited television commercials. My rate was $38 per hour. I could fall back on that. I just stopped doing that about a year ago. I couldn't juggle tinting and editing any longer. 2 full time jobs for 5 years can kick your ass. :lol

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I still do electronics, was a specialist tech at a dealership, electrician, and currently do audio/video/security. Which was my field before I got Dr*g into tinting. Was lead installer for about 4 yrs total doing little or no tinting.

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Guest S and S

Well I still have my Vinyl!! some what of Detailing Cars No TB though :lol I can and did Decorate Cakes Professionally!! and the is the Job of a SPAM Service :lol

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Guest Braud Spectrum

:rollin Find some rich old coot and... :lol

Temporarily a couple years ago I had to get a job to survive. My hands were so tore up cracked open and all the skin peeled off on my fingertips. Chemical burn type thing. :hmmm...maybe nerves from divorce. So I went to work as a fireguard for a construction co where I know a bunch of guys that work. All I had to do was stand there and let my hands heal. Most boring job in the world but it paid pretty good plus we got a per diem of 80 bucks a day. The guys were a blast to work with. :lol Kinda neat to see something being built from the ground up with all the cool heavy equipment. I rode up a hundred feet in one of those man lifts. :lol

I used to be an estimator. AC and insulation. :kiss I hate office work but I'd do it if I had to. :lol

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