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Fourth of July pop-bottle rocket dodgeball game ends in tragedy

? ? By Jake Stoltz, THG News

A 65 year old Bloomfield woman lost a toe when a pop-bottle rocket fired by her grandson exploded on her foot Sunday at his family?s annual Fourth of July picnic.

Jonathan L. Reed, a 15 year old honor student and wrestler at Greene County High School, and several friends were firing pop-bottle rockets into the air on Sunday when they decided to play an impromptu game of dodgeball, substituting the fireworks for the traditional rubber or foam ball.

The game went on for several minutes with only minor burns sustained by the participants until Reed accidentally aimed too high and fired a pop-bottle rocket that landed on his grandmother Agnes Clausen?s right foot.

The rocket exploded, mangling Clausen?s middle toe on that foot. Clausen?s doctor, Sam Jacobs, says the damage is irreversible and that the toe is too damaged to be reattached but expects her to be able to walk again in a few days. Clausen also sustained burns on her other toes and the top of her foot.

Despite the tragedy, Clausen was in high spirits. ?If that is the worst thing that ever happens to me, then I am in pretty good shape. Accidents sometimes happen, especially when you are dealing with dumb-ass teenagers.?

Reed felt terrible about the incident. ?I love my granny (Clausen) and feel horrible about what happened. Next time I mess with fireworks I am going to make sure there aren?t any old people around.?

Reed?s mother, Karen, grounded her son for the rest of the week for the incident.

yeah :lol6 make sure no old people are not around :lol6 how bout NOT shooting them at people DUMBAZZ :nope

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Guest thetintshop
Despite the tragedy, Clausen was in high spirits. ? Accidents sometimes happen, especially when you are dealing with dumb-ass teenagers.?

:hmmm:hmmm now that's a cool granny. :hmmm

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Hate to admit it but long before paintball my dumbass friends and cousins used to have bottle rocket wars all the time.

There were certain rules like couldn't be closer than 15-20 feet from your target and such. No one ever got hurt. Minor burns yes but nothing serious.

We're talking about the small size bottle rockets that are no longer sold at fireworks stands. I'm sure the makers quickly found out that Rednecks, drunk Mexicans and stupid people of all walks of life were getting cheap thrills doing the very same thing.

I would @#$% my pants if I ever saw my child, nephews or niece doing the same.

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