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feltless gaskets/scratching glass

Guest thetintshop

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Guest thetintshop

this is from another board. here's customers talkin about the gaskets scratching their glass, NOT the tint, the glass.

now, please be advised, the answer to this problem was given at the beginning of the thread by someone who knows what the problem is. and they just happen to be a professional tinter. so keep that in mind when reading these, because it's like they never even read what he had to say about it.

I called customer service, and took mine to my dealer after a horrible scratching sound one day when My window went down. They are getting me a new window, but that is not really a fix, as it will happen again, but it is all they can do at this point and a lot more than most dealers are willing to do. New window and panel goes in this Friday!

new window and panel, yep, all your problems are solved. :D

My Driver's Side glass has a scratch TOO...The dealer is ordering a new 1 today.

once again, all your problems are solved by replacing the window. :DD

Can you tell me if your car was fixed & if so, by what dealer. I have the same problem, & now have the dealer telling me it was because I added tint to the car.
:hmmm fuggin dealers.
I have not had my windows tinted and one day heard that terrible scratching and scraping sound when the window went down. They got me a brand new window and the part that raises it up and down. So far, no problem.

:lol someone with a scratch that doesn't have tint? :hmmm must not be the films fault. :hmmm

I have had the same problem on both of the cars ive had. they both had after-market tint though. there must have been about 50 cracks on each window. I had it removed and my factory windows didnt crack at all and still havent. thats kinda weird.

yeah, that is weird. :hmmm tint not as hard as glass--strange stuff.

I have factory windows and the dealer replaced the passenger side due to a vertical scratch at the top aprox. 6 in. long. Have not had any problems since.

once again, all problems solved just by replacing the window. :D

I've had my 96 Impala SS since it was new. It has soft felt on the inner and outer window seals. Guess what, the drivers door glass has lots of scratches. I wonder if thats really the fix or the cause??

probably because your car is a POS. that would be my guess.

I have the same problem, & I have made a claim with my dealer, & their response was that they denied the claim to them. There is BIG WIG at the dealer who also has the same problem, so the dealer knows I am not lying. They said the problem was from the "aftermarket" tint applied to the window.

another factory defect blamed on the tinters. :hug

The felts look and feel brand new. Cant see anything near the regulators down in the door that could have caused it either. I bet a small piece of sand/grit got stuck between the glass and felt one time as the window was lowered.

YA THINK??? :wall I suppose this would never happen again would it? :hmmm

Found a small (1") scratch on the inside of the passenger window, located at the joint of the windshield/roof panel, about a month ago.

The dealer ordered a new window. Removed the old window inspected seals and looked for anything that would cause scratch and found nothing.

Put in the new window and while cleaning it found a small scratch in exactly the same location. This was right out of the box, never operated the window.

Got a new window, which was special inspected at the factory before shipping.

New window is perfect.

The scratches may not all come from your vehicle.!!!!!!!!!

and there you have it, they were already in the glass. :hmmm

Mine has been replaced and it still looks perfect.
Most of the early scratch problems were a result of metal flakes caught in the seal. The cause of the metal flakes has been eliminated. If you have scratches and replace the window, make sure the seals are cleaned very carefully.

and there you have it, the answer all of us have been looking for. looks like ALL of us tinters have been wrong all along. you just have to make sure you clean the gasket very well before installing the film, and all problems are solved.

man, don't you guys wish at least ONE of us would have thought of this? it would sure have saved us all the headache.

I'm officially done with the gaskets. I'm not felting them, I'm not replacing them, and I'm not warning anyone about them anymore. if they come back, I'll just tell them to take it up with their dealer.

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I don't felt.

I tell every one of my customers that when they clean the glass they have too clean the felt also, or I will not warranty for scratching of tint.

Hae had only one dodge ram come back

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Guest Blade

I ran out of felt last week. Don't see any reason to get any more in. I'm sick of customers, cars, seals, panels, windows........................... as far as I'm concerned everyone can fockoff....

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I haven't felted any vehicles, but have had 1 Dodge pickup come back w/ scratches prior to learning about the problem...Now if it does happen, I'll just tell the people to go to the dealer.

That will not be good news to people who buy these cars used a few years from now when the vehicles are out of warranty and then they want to get the windows tinted. :thumb

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I personally haven't seen any problems other than the dodge. I here ya guys/gals chattin about other vehicles needing felt. But do they all need it really?

For example. I have done alot of the accords/acuras never felted,never had a come back

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Guest tintslut

this thread needs to be pinned, just today I had a caller ask if we added the moleskin to the seals. Told him to take it up with his dealer.

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