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Doing one door

Guest darkdan

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Guest darkdan

I got a lady that wants me to do their door to their business (Curves for women).

She wants 35%. Since I don't feel like ordering 8 to 10 feet of 40" film just to do a door. Or even worse having to get a whole roll.

Is it alright to use auto film on it? I'm sure that's not the best idea in the world, but would it hold up a few years?

I don't do much flat glass. It would have been nice if I got that prison contract I posted about a month ago, but he must have gone with someone else. Oh well.

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Guest darkdan

Still can't edit posts. =(

Oh yeah, she's not expecting too much of a great job and I'm not charging her too much if I don't have to.

I work at Sherwin Williams the paint store. The way she found me was she came into work to see if we had a paint for glass to make the glass darker. LOL. My boss is like, "No such thing, want to get it tinted? HEY DAN! COME HERE!" =)

I know auto film isn't the ideal solution, but I just wanted to make sure it would work. It is a standard sized glass door and just want to know if it being mounted vertical like that would cause it to just fall off in 3 weeks or something.

If it's a super bad idea, let me know and I'll look into getting a sheet of flat glass film.

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Guest atypicaldave
I am assuming it is a single pain, tempered window.

You could install auto, not the best thing to do. Will turn purple after time.

I'm with the above post! :thumb

Use an all metal 35% and no purple worries. :thumb

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Guest thetintshop

I've used SG quantum on several small flat glass jobs, and never had any problems. but I would do what ATD said, just use a full metal film.

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Guest darkdan

Well if that's all that is going to happen that's fine.

The other windows in the place are about a 20 to 25% bluish/purple. Gonna look weird with a gray door for the first few years. =) That's okay, they just rent the building. I was more worried about it falling off.

35% too dark for single pane?

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Guest Mayor of Tint Town

virtually all commercial door glass is tempered, auto tint is fine. We're a large flat operation and we still do lots of limo on various doors. Have for years.

Da Mayor

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Guest skeeter

You get the best glare reduction with the 5 percent, and I've used it on lots of doors. I'm fixin to install 10 small garage windows with some closeout Quantum 13 I bought recently. It 'll hold its color and give privacy. $50 bucks a box and $350 for the first ez pull of this box. Wish margins we're always this sweet!

Next 2 commercial windows at (4/8) at $600. (VS70)

Today will beat the hell out of yesterday. About 5 hours at top of fiberglass 12 footer stretching. Woke up sore this morning. Today I'm going ez.

Gotta love this hot weather!

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Da Mayor is right, but it could also be laminated, if it is a highly reflective or dark film could cause it to crack especially on a southern exposure. Check for a stamp in one of the corners and read it! It may say; tempered, laminated, or just safety (if it says safety you still don't know) Next try scrapping it with your 6" scrapper, if it sounds like your scrapping the beach it's tempered and you can install whatever you feel like. If it scraps like regular plate glass (smooth) it's more than likely laminate and I wouldn't recommend anything over 35%, 50% to be completely safe. :thumb

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