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Viper 800 HF

Guest quay

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Guest quay

Hello. My remote got reset on the Viper 800HF. It is a 4 button remote. Does anyone know how to reprogram the remote or the entire alarm system? The manual would be nice too. :thumb I think the alarm is on valet mode and I don't know how to change it back to regular mode.

-- Quay

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turn the key on, press the valet switch 7 times and hold on the 8th push. The alarm should chirp 7 times. After the chirps, press the top left button. The alarm should make some more noise. Let go of valet switch turn off key. The remote should now be programed with button one = arm, button 2 = disarm, etc. I can't help with the manual, DEI is insanely picky about who they let on their website. They wouldn't want to help anyone but their coveted dealers.

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