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the confessional

Guest thetintshop

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Guest thetintshop

just exactly as the name applies. :beer here's where you can get it off your chest without fear of reprecussion. :thumb

only one rule--you can't respond to anyone's confession. :thumb

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Guest Braud Spectrum

I once sneaked into my oldest sister Diana's room and stold a piece of her grape gum. :shiz Then tried to use food coloring to dye it red in order to escape her wrath. Spilled it all over the kitchen counter and then lied to my mother about it when she saw one spot I missed cleaning it up and asked who had been in the food coloring. :shiz Diana was standing there when Mom asked. :shiz I had to lie. :lol6 She would have killed me if she knew I had stolen her gum!

:lol6 She'd already bitten my thumbnail completely off 'cause I took too long getting off the phone. :lol6 She's deranged.

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