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why does everyone hate fade tint?

Guest kyle8744

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Guest kyle8744

personaly I think it looks pretty cool, plus it's practical as well (dark where you don't look out to block as much sun as possible, but gets lighter so you can see more easily during low light conditions)

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well fader film is CHEAP novelty fiilm really, kinda like the SPARKLE TINT and BLACK ICE tint all the mexican and lesbians wanted back in the mid to late 90`s.

this film is low quality and the black part fades out and turns clear, check the picture out, its already went clear on that truck.

although it DOES look cool on that truck :lol6

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those 2 trucks almost have the same liscense plate # now thats some weird @#$% :shiz:lol6

both have red dodges, both have faded fader tint :shiz both have mexicans driving them :lol6 and the plates are almost identical :lol6

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Guest Blade

Who ever installed the ramhead on the window in that 1st picture did a real good job of centering it :lol6

Fader is illegal, it does exactly what the name says.....fades, it's thin, cheap crap with little to no warranty. And the only time it looks good is in certain tint graphics. Other than that........... :lol6

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