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switched to Llumar

Guest tinterjim

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Guest tinterjim

I decided to switch back to Llumar today. I've been using Johnsons for the past 4 years but their com/res. stuff has really gone down hill in the past year.

Any of you guys use the centaur? I thought Llumar stopped making that years ago. Should I just go with the ATR Llumastar?

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centaur is still available from my distributor as special order (and cheap right now b/c they're depleting their inventory). stealth is the replacement, they don't look the same color to me... centaur's bluish and stealth is ever so slightly greenish.... stealth is supposedly better, in that it dries faster and is easier to work with. their specs are practically identical.

so really there's two llumar ATR's, ATR ST (stealth) and ATR CH.

my favorite llumar is PP. 'spensive though, and slower to shrink 'cuz there's so much metal.

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the ATRCH is awesome. stealth sucks.

I meant stealth is supposed to be better than centaur. I'm on the fence for both, I just ordered some 5% in stealth, and the purpleness threw me a curve. not from the outside, and thank god it wasn't as noticeable once more of the truck was done, but with just the back window done... the view from inside the truck was more purple than I'm comfortable with.

next roll of dark stuff I get will be ATR CH.

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I have not used the ST yet. What's the big differences?

over ATR? Color, reflectivity, and heat rejection.

ST has higher numbers on the latter two. not quite as much as PP, but closer to PP than ATR CH.

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Guest atypicaldave
centaur is still around,,, wanna buy some pt38 ???? :uh

A boat load is sold in Cali. You could direct your efforts to someone from that State. :dunno

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