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For all you potential customers out there...


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When you ask for a price to tint your whole car / truck , I know most of you out there know this ..but this if for the 0.5% that don't . THE WINDSHIELD IS NOT PART OF THE PRICE ! (I'm not refering to a sunstrip)...the whole thing. It's illegal. Period.

I have this happen about once a year. I tint a car and argue when the customer comes back to pick up car that I should have told him that the windshield wasn't part of the deal...since it's such a rare occurance, We don't mention it on the phone when discussing the job because the bulk of customers know this. That's all , have a nice day :thumb

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Guest tinterjim

I get that alot too!! :lol I always tell them it's against federal law for me to do it and for them to have it, and although I like them as a customer I refuse to get get a fine and go to jail for them. Usually stops the whinning on the spot.

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Guest thetintshop

yep, it's not uncommon. I usually get 3-4 a year that expected the windshield to be done.

I get A BUNCH of people that assume the eyebrow is included in the price.

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Tell me you are joshin' TW. They actually expect the windscreen to be done? Un-bloody believable.


:uh Devil...don't get me wrong..I know how to get myself out of a jam in that situation ...it's just ridiculous that it's even an issue sometimes..I did an awsome job on his car ...and all he can go on about is how the car doesn't look complete without the windshield done and I misrepresented himself by telling him $--- for a complete job...after going on about the law,safety issues, bla,bla,bla..I told him if he thinks I'm so dishonest ..phone 10 other shops and ask how much for a complete job on his car...after they give him the price, then proceed to ask if that price includes the whole windshield completed as well. YOU WILL GET 10 OUT OF 10 TINTERS THAT SAY NO ! That shut him up...but you know HE still felt ripped off . What's a tinter to do :lol

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