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Guest thetintshop

here's the first thing you do--

1-go to your work and find yourself. ask yourself what you plan on doing about the scratches. after you've explained to yourself that it's a manufacturing defect, raise hell and demand you replace your tint for free under warranty. then tell yourself to go see the car dealer, because afterall, it wasn't your fault. and since it wasn't yourselves fault either, you should take your car to the honda dealership and explain to them that you tinted it and asked yourself to replace it. but you said it was a manufacturing defect. and ask what honda intends to do about it?

2-take your car in every single day and complain about a new scratch until they fix it. (which they won't.)

3-be sure and tell them that you "almost had a wreck the other day because you couldn't see that oncoming car. and you intend to sue them if your ever involved in a wreck because of their shiatty design."

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Guest tintslut

pro, a car dealer would probably never admit to faulty design.

One of the reasons I refuse to add felt to the door seals.

They designed it, by modifying it you probably void the warranty on that part of the car. Has anyone ever priced the cost of the seals alone? They are probably more than the cost of the tint job. Just sell the film as being scratch resistant and leave it at that.

Some Gm cars with double lipped door seals are notorius for scrathching glass and film, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Malibu and Impala come to mind

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