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my shop is faster than your shop

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Felt like we were working in LA yesterday. Every car that went through the shop had big time power. Started with a bright yellow viper. Then a Ferrari 348 ti. Modified 600 HP corvette Z06. The porsche boxster S is the slowest car of the day. Finished up with a 1972 Plymouth Duster pushing 700 horsepower. thing is crazy. I have to keep a note on the customers file on how to start it. pure race car.

Today was back to normal with volvos, jeeps and a piece of crap toyota van with a quarter million miles on it.

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:lol6 Those kind of pieces makes me a wreck until there back home :lol6 Guy wanted me to tint his Bentley and detail his Aston Martin ...Saturday only :thumb when its me and the garage :lol Funny part was the brother asked me if I knew what a Aston Martin was :lol6 Should have replied yeww we do those tyyppes of mowpedss all thee timme :lol6:lol6
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