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jury duty

Guest thetintshop

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Guest thetintshop

I will be 34 years old in a couple months, and I just got my very first jury summons. I always said I would get out of it by acting and dressing like a skinhead. :thumb

but for some reason, I want to go to it. I want to see if I can get selected by making them think I'm a moron who can't think for himself. these types are what the lawyers look for, people who can think for themselves can put 2 and 2 together. and those type of people can really screw up a decision.

I really don't want to do it, but something inside me is telling me I need to.

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Guest Meff

I received my first jury duty letter when I was 28. I didn't go all the way with it. I just say I believe in capital punishment....which I kinda do :lol

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Guest pmuzik
You've got 0% chance of getting picked. :lol

:lol I was thinking the same thing, if a laywer sits you on a jury he should be sued for malpractice :lol

I've been twice now got picked once sat sequestered for half a freaking day and they settled it shiot I was pissed :lol

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Guest Braud Spectrum

I got out of it till my daughter was ten. The first time I went I got picked. :lolSix days on a DUI case. Watched a video of the arrest and at the police station afterwards. Breathalizer was barely over the limit. Policeman was an @#$%. Got him in a radar trap then went on to arrest him for DUI. As much as I despise drinking and driving (even just abuse :lol) the kid wasn't drunk and was perfectly rational and polite on the video. No stumbling around. We the jury found him NOT guilty. The DA was furious. Caught us coming out of the courthouse and wanted to know why. :lol

Why ? :lol Because we said so.

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