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Guest Mr.TintMan

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Guest Mr.TintMan


I just bought a silver 2004 civic. I am looking for everyones opinion on which brand and model looks best.

As of now I was thinking of either going with the Llumar ATR Stealth 30% on 4 doors and 18% on the back or the Madico Oynx 35% on 4 windows and 20% on the back.

I saw the llumar Platinum series film on a black car and it seems abit greenish, not sure how it would look on a silver car.

I havent seen the Llumar centaur film but it is one of the most expensive so I guess its nice but how much nicer and different than the rest?

I also have the option of sun-guard, solar guard, sun tech, 3m( I hear is also good), and Madico granite.

I do not like tint that have a greenish look to it.

I need to to see some pictures from everyone who has tinted windows on a silver car, preferably honda.

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Guest Tint Masters

If you like silver go with a silver film,real good heat rejection :lol

Forget the green films :nope

Not on that car :nope

Oh and not the mirror :nope:nope:nope

Go with..................your best pic.!

Everyone has it in their mind what their car should look like, do your homework and pick one. :lol

Dont pick the the lowest price....... :lol:lol

You may get what you pay for :lol:lol:lol

Good luck :lol

Oh cool chrome Looks real good on that car :inot

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