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Rant and Rave


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I may have missed it, but we need a place that is not searchengineable (new word :thumb) and not viewable by new members or unregistered just to vent our frustrations and cuss words and such and trash idiot customers. Maybe even get a little offensive :lol

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sweet. I don't have anything to add at this time. I'm headed back outside to finish my loading. Going camping and fishing for the weekend. But you can be sure to hear from me and all my mighty rants in the near future. Pleasure doing business with you. Come back and see us. Here take a card with ya.

I need another beer. and rest.

Thanks TD.

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Guest thetintshop

I think I know what 22 was getting at. we need a place to REALLY complain. like a "customer service booth" or "complaint department". where you go and lash out at someone who really doesn't give a damn and is not even interested in helping you resolve your problems.

The TD Complaint Department--Biatch All You Want, Cause We Really Just Don't Give A Damn :hmmm

might keep some of the "I had this idiot customer today" stories out of the general. :rollin

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Guest Blade

I like it :DD The TD Biatch Forum :hmmm

might keep some of the "I had this idiot customer today" stories out of the general

Although sometimes those threads are good to have in the general just so those potential idiot customers might see them. :rollin

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