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Opening New Shop Possibly...Suggestions Wanted

Guest TN Tinter

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Guest TN Tinter

Hi guys (and gals). Just registered and wanted to say hi. I have been coming here for a couple of weeks, and have really enjoyed what you guys have said. I have found a wealth of info from you and also enjoyed the fun atmosphere around here.

I am tired of working for someone else (not in tinting business), and am thinking about opening up my own tinting/detail shop. I don't have any professional experience at tinting but have been doing my own vehicles for the last 10+ years, but some of you have done more in a couple of days than what I have in the past years. I have also considered adding vinyl (graphics, signs, etc.) later on, but haven't had a chance to read up on it much.

As you can see, I am located in northeastern Tennessee and the only problems I see around here are cold winters, and much less income than in the big cities. I have noticed a large percentage of tinted cars and also an increase in auto graphics in the last couple of years, so I know someone is getting their money. I also realized there is not really much in the line of competition in the area.

I would like to get some feedback from you guys on what other sidelines I could get into when times are slow and winter rolls around. Also, suggestions on any videos or other methods to gain more experience, as well as recommendations on what kind of tint to use, and where to find a supplier. I would like to have champagne on a beer budget, if you know what I mean.

Thanks guys.

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hey tntinter , look you cant get chanpagne for beer price, with tint you get what you pay for.. the other thing not to try and sell too many things at the start, you'll just K1ll youself. get the tinting thing down pak first then you move on.. it's all practice with tintig. it's all I do day in day out. so you'll get there. I just opened my shop as well.. got the benefit of having a couple of dealers that are bread and butter. good luck mate

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Guest Big_John

Well, first off welcome to the industry.

When did they let you out of the looney bin? :whisper

Sorry but I am a chronic employee. <cant stand the headaches of ownership>

I have to agree that keeping it simple at first is the best idea. You might want to get with a cpl dealerships at first and offer them some killer deals just to get your feet wet and some experience under your belt.

As a side line some shops offer wings <spoilers> as they are quick to install and can be ordered painted to match. Fast easy extra cash in the slow months.

If you wish to PM me I can give you a few names of diff distributors of accessories and window film.

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Guest metint

Just to get you started in film, and welcome to the board:








3M Scotchtint Sun Control Window Film (this one's a navigational nightmare)










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