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Old school tinter looking for work in VA

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Hello folks, I am not new to the forums but I forgot my old account name. So I guess Im newbie again.

Anyhow, I am currently moving to the Virginia Beach area and am looking for work in that area.

A little about me: I have 18 years experience in retail tinting. I am mostly a auto tinter with very little flat glass experience. 4+ sedans daily is my daily routine at the moment. Im sure I could handle more in a faster paced shop. I dry shrink all windows in 1 piece, (duh, huh?)

No dr*gs and no drama. (Does that make me a freak in this field? :lol6 )

Also I am very well versed in all areas of auto aftermarket restyling including leather and sunroofs as well. I have all my own tools.

To be honest, I dont come cheap but if there are any shops that could use a VERY well rounded tinter/installer, drop a line here.

Ok, let the flaming begin..... :whisper:lol6:flip

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Guest Sprinter

hey john not everyone does em in one piece or dry thats not a given yet, and good luck on the move, your up on most of the competion with that one piece install!

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